Thursday, February 20, 2014

Prayers Needed for Our Son-in-Law, Mark

Another update on our dear family in Texas, as they await Crystal's kidney transplant ...
(Left to Right: Crystal, Luke, Mark, Cristy, Brianna, Abigail)
Our daughter, Cristy, and Mark, and their four children have been on quite a journey for the past twelve months. Click here to read of the diagnosis they received in early 2013 - that Crystal has a rare genetic kidney disease, which will require a kidney transplant. And click here for our last update in January.

Our new update is that we are requesting prayer for our son-in-law, Mark. He was in the process of being tested to be a kidney donor for Crystal, and on the last phase of testing, the doctors discovered a solid lump on his left kidney. Mark was told that when something like this is seen, it is "lights and sirens", and needs to be removed as soon as possible. They are highly suspecting that it is cancerous, so the lump along with a small portion of his kidney need to be removed.

Please pray for Mark's surgery, which will be Monday, Feb. 24, at 1 pm. They have an excellent doctor to do the surgery, one who has done 1200 surgeries utilizing the robotic surgical system that will be used, and he has also done 250 of the exact type that Mark will have done. Please pray for a successful surgery, and that all traces of cancer will be removed. Also, please pray for peace and strength for each family member as they walk through this time.

This latest news about Mark has been quite a blow considering all that our Texas family has gone through in the past twelve months. And at the same time, we thank God for His mercy and grace in revealing this problem so that it can be cared for before it would become life-threatening.

Of course, Mark will no longer be able to be considered as a kidney donor for Crystal. Please pray for the right donor to be found, at the right time. There are several other family members who are offering to be tested, and it is still a possibility that Cristy will be able to be the donor if the cyst found on her kidney turns out to be of no concern. Please pray for strength for Crystal as she awaits the time of transplant, while continuing to experience nausea and fatigue each day. Her kidney function is now at 24%, and the doctor is thinking that she may be able to wait until summer for her transplant, giving a bit more time to find a donor, as well. 

Thank you so much for praying for these needs - Mark & Cristy are so very appreciative of all the prayers and support that they feel through this difficult season of their lives. You are invited to return here to our family/ministry blog for an update after Mark's surgery and periodic updates throughout Crystal's kidney transplant journey. You are also invited to visit Crystal's CaringBridge site for updates that Cristy shares with family and friends - click here

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  1. Praying now for these requests and David and I will pray together. May the Lord bring healing, comfort, peace, to you all and wisdom to the doctors, in Jesus' name.


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