Wednesday, July 8, 2020

A Glimpse Back at the Month of May

Our days and weeks were very full in May as we continued ministering to students through Zoom calls, and connecting with them in various others ways, while also being involved in other Cru ministry responsibilities. It was a challenge to continue to connect especially with some of our urban students, who don't always have the technical capabilities at their homes.

We were also busy preparing for our big transition to "Staff Emeritus" on July 1st. Who knew how many things there are to take care of to prepare for retirement, after nearly 48 years of full-time ministry (19 years in church planting, and then 29 years on staff with Cru)? We're thankful that God clearly called us to plan for retirement a year ago, for we have definitely needed a full year to prepare. 

We also mailed out our last Cru Communique newsletter to all our supporters and friends, a mailing list of close to 350. It's hard to imagine that this regular sending of newsletters will soon be changing after so many years. We're thankful that friendships will remain!

On the home front, here are three digital scrapbook pages that capture some of what took place during the month of May. It was a special gift to welcome the beautiful season of spring in the midst of the "stay-at-home" COVID-19 weeks/months. We loved the many opportunities to spend time outdoors!