Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Update on Our Granddaughter, Crystal

It is past time for another update on our sweet granddaughter, Crystal Mae. Please click here for our update this past September, with the story of her kidney disease diagnosis in early 2013. 
Donor testing ... by both parents!

Crystal's Kidney Function

Since our last update in September, Crystal's kidney function has fluctuated from as low as 24% to a high of 35%. The doctor says that this can sometimes happen as kidneys fluctuate back and forth as they continue to go downhill. Her next testing of kidney function levels will take place the first week of February.

It is actually a huge answer to prayer that her levels have stabilized somewhat (instead of going rapidly downhill this past fall as we had expected), for it has given more time for donor testing. Both of her parents (our daughter, Cristy, and son-in-law, Mark) found out in early fall that both their blood types matched to be donors! 

Testing for Donors

Cristy continued on through the very detailed testing to confirm if she matched up on all levels, and it was a big disappointment for her to find out on one of the last steps of her testing, that she has a small lesion on one of her own kidneys. This eliminated her from being able to donate a kidney for Crystal. Cristy also now has had to find a nephrologist to check out the lesion on her own kidney. They will be watching to see if the lesion is of concern, and will be following up with another MRI this coming June. Please pray for this concern.

The testing to find a donor for Crystal is now continuing with her father, Mark. So far his tests are looking good, and even amazing as his kidney function is excellent! We expect that all of his testing will be completed during the first week of February. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors, and that he would pass all the tests to be the donor, if that would be God's will.

Pray for Crystal                                                                                                                 
Crystal continues to hold up well with her high school studies and activities, though she continues to struggle daily with nausea and fatigue. She is on various medications, also to help stabilize high blood pressure which accompanies kidney failure. How thankful we are to God for surrounding her (and her whole family) with peace and strength during this difficult time, and for the great faith He is growing in Crystal. She is an inspiration and encouragement to all of us!  

For more detailed regular reports, you are welcome to read their CaringBridge updates ... click here. And we will also be giving updates here, as well, especially as we near the transplant date. We will be traveling to Texas to help out for several weeks (even up to a month), as needed when transplant time comes. Of course, it is hard for us to be a distance away now, especially on the more difficult days, and we are so thankful that we have been granted time off to travel and be of assistance at the time of transplant.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January Birthday & Overnighter with Grandkids

Our first family birthday of 2014 - grandson Cruz turned 5 on January 8th! He is so full of life and fun, and loved the "hunting theme" family party on the 11th, and the hunting theme cake that his dad and mom made for him! Tyler had taken him along while deer hunting within the past month, and Cruz had been quite fascinated as he and his dad had come home with two deer that day!

The following weekend Carrie & Tyler had the special treat of flying to San Diego, taking advantage of a business trip to also celebrate their 9th anniversary! We had Cruz & Eva here for two nights, and they also spent some time nearby with cousins at Amy & Joe's place, and at Sara & Sean's place. Such fun to have family living nearby.

The two photos on the left are from their overnighter at our place, and photos on the right from Cruz's birthday party the weekend before.