Thursday, May 21, 2020

COVID-19 "Quarantine" During April

The weeks of COVID-19 "quarantine" have continued on longer than we imagined. And maybe especially for those of us in the "vulnerable" age category. 

A lot of unusual things have taken place for all of us, and just for fun, we thought we'd share a few photos with you. 

The digital scrapbook page (above) captures a birthday parade for our two grandsons who live nearby. Their April 2nd birthday will hold very unique memories for them! 

We sure miss spending time with our two daughters (and their families) who live nearby, but it's been such a treat to see them when they bring us groceries or garden plants. And communication can happen even while social distancing!

It was a different Easter for everyone, but being able to be part of our Citylight family through live-streaming of services (photo above) sure helps. And being at home more has brought various blessings, as well ... such as bread-making, making masks, and learning a new creative hobby of embroidery. 

Zoom meetings have saved the day, allowing us to meet with Cru students, with Cru staff, and also with our CityGroup (small group within Citylight). Photo above shows a special time "together" as nine CityGroup gals. Our husbands have met by Zoom, as well.

Another added blessing is that spring has come. Such a joy to be able to enjoy our yard, and to plant our veggie and herb gardens, as well as flower spots.

These three digital scrapbook pages give a glimpse of our lives during the month of April; the whole month spent "at home" except for a few brief errands and short drives. We're thankful for God's care, and for sweet connections with Cru staff, with students, and also with our dear family.