Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Garden Blessings

Last summer we set apart a 10 by 30 foot area in our backyard - the perfect spot to have a veggie garden again. Our son, Lance, came out and helped us prepare the soil, and border it with 4x4 cedar wood to set it off from the rest of our yard. 

All the preparation of the garden spot last year made it so much easier when it came time for planting this year. Gary planted our veggies, and also some decorative flowers in late May/early June. The straw covering the garden soil (from the year before) kept the soil so moist and fertile. I'm thankful for my hubby and his "green thumb"! The garden is so productive, and also so beautiful. 

We just arrived back from two weeks at our staff conference in Colorado, and hoped that our garden had survived the heat of the past two weeks. How exciting for us to find that the garden had not only survived, but had flourished! (Thanks to two "angels" who came and watered our garden faithfully while we were gone - thanks, Tim & Audrey!)

I had picked out some ornamental pole beans to try this year - they add such a beautiful touch to the garden! They look great climbing up the teepee frames that Lance had made for us last summer.

Our first day home we enjoyed some fresh goodness from our garden - cucumbers, green beans, and potatoes. A wonderful welcome home!

Thanking God for His gifts to us ...

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