Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dad Siebert's Act of Kindness

Dad Siebert has had a very difficult time accepting that he needs to be at Skyline's Health Center for some health issues during these past three months (and now, even longer). It was a pleasant surprise to us that he brought up the idea to give each of the residents a little gift of a tangerine at Christmastime. We purchased three boxes of tangerines for him, and it was a joy for us to help him with his little project. 

We made the rounds with him in the Health Center dining room over his Sunday lunchtime on Dec. 28th. Each gift of a tangerine brought a smile to the person who received it. Such a simple, but wonderful way for my father to reach out beyond his own limitations and frustrations, and show love to those around him.

Would you please join us as a family and pray for Cherry's 93 year-old father? Some of his physical concerns and limitations are requiring him to continue staying there at the Health Center longer than he wished for. We recently tried to arrange things so that he could return to his independent living apartment (at the same facility as the Health Center) with Home Healthcare coming into his apartment. He was very disappointed to find out that he did not qualify for their care, as his needs are too great and the risks would be too big for him to move back to his apartment. 

He is still hopeful (and insistent at times) that he will be able to return at a later time. The future is unknown at this time. Please pray mostly for his perspective, that he will be able to surrender his wishes, and that he would be able to see that the Health Center may be the place where God would have him live out the rest of his days. And that he would see his days as opportunities to live with purpose, loving and serving those around him, even in the midst of his own frustrations with his aging process. Please pray for peace, and surrender to whatever God has for him.

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