Monday, February 10, 2014

Our News & Prayer Update - January 2014

Here is an online version of our first newsletter of the year. We sent this out to many friends and family by email at the end of January - if you did not already receive this by email, please let us know of your email address, and we will add you to our MailChimp email group for our next mailing. Thanks for your interest ...

Our First News & Prayer Update of 2014!

One month is nearly finished of this new year, and here is our first update! We are so grateful for each of you - for your prayers, gifts, and the multiple ways that many of you are part of Cru High - Omaha. God certainly uses a team to accomplish what He desires to do in the lives of students.

OUR CAMPUSES - This new year has already been full of significant happenings in Cru Omaha. A few highlights from some of our nine Cru campuses: Students fromCentral High recently were able to get permission for Cru to be a school club on campus! We praise God for opening up this door for us to be able to hold events right on campus (in addition to weekly meetings already held off campus). Students from Fort Calhoun High are initiating and planning an event to draw more Freshman into Cru. And we ask for your prayers as one of our newest volunteers, Takiela, is working on having Cru approved as a school club at Bellevue East, on the edge of Omaha. She is taking the lead in opening up Cru on this campus!

DCC HIGH - We are grateful for how the Denver staff welcomed our students to DCC High, a student conference held in Denver from Dec. 28-31. (See the two photos at top.) Our students loved it - a highlight for them was an outreach held where they were able to personally purchase and give items to homeless people on the streets of Denver. Click here for more photos on our Cru Omaha blog of our time at DCC High.

FAMILY UPDATE - We greatly appreciate all your prayers for our granddaughter, Crystal, as she awaits her kidney transplant. She continues to experience nausea and general fatigue as her kidneys continue to decline, and her levels will be retested again the first week in February. Also testing continues for her father, Mark, to see if he will be able to be her kidney donor. Click here for more info on our family/ministry blog. And at the start of this new year, here are some photos of our ten sweet grandkids!

Five Grandsons!

Left to Right: Jake (4), Luke (12), Cruz (5), Cole (4), Levi (11). What a lot of fun these boys are! Levi belongs to Amy & Joe, Luke to Cristy & Mark, Jake & Cole to Sara & Sean, and Cruz to Carrie & Tyler. There is never a dull moment when these guys are together, as was the case this past Thanksgiving when these photos were taken. Luke & Levi are off in their own world whenever they are together, and life is filled with adventure when the younger ones play!. Such a blessing to have five grandsons! 

Five Granddaughters!

Left to Right: Brianna (7), Abigail (17), Eva (1), Ali (6), Crystal (15). Ali belongs to Amy & Joe, Abigail & Crystal & Brianna to Cristy & Mark, and Eva to Carrie & Tyler. Abigail will be graduating from high school (in TX) this spring. It will be a busy year for our TX family, as Crystal will most likely also be having her kidney transplant this spring or summer. Please pray for them! Brianna & Ali would love to live closer to each other. And little Eva is a joy and delight to everyone. We thank God for five granddaughters!

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