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It Takes a Team!

As with all staff with Cru, we need to raise funds for our salary and ministry expenses. We greatly appreciate all those who have joined our financial team, making it possible for us to serve with Cru.

The New Year 2020 

As we have shared in our recent newsletters, we will be following God's direction to retire as full-time staff with Cru beginning July 1, 2020. This change comes as we have both recently celebrated significant birthdays - Gary turning 75, and Cherry turning 70! 

Though our retirement date is set for July 1st, we are blessed by Cru to continue to receive our monthly salary for three additional months - July, August, and September of 2020 - if there continues to be funds in our staff account. Therefore, we are most grateful if our financial supporters would be able to continue with their monthly donations through the end of September. Thank you so much for considering this!  

To give a tax-deductible financial gift online for our account, click here.

To give by postal mail, write your check out to Cru (or Campus Crusade for Christ), and mail to our home: PO Box 184, Fort Calhoun, NE 68023.

Thank you for your prayers and for your part in Cru and in our lives!

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